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Diamond Bracelets: The Definitive Guide to Buying One for Yourself


If you would like to treat yourself to one of the more beautiful things in life, you are likely interested in buying a diamond bracelet. They are a beautiful addition to almost any outfit and increase your appearance in more ways than one.

Buying a bracelet is a great way to reward yourself for completing a task or milestone in life, and it can then serve as a constant reminder of what you have achieved. You can even because you want to do something beautiful for yourself. No matter the reason you want to buy one, learning as much as you can about them, and the buying process helps you get the most for your money.


What Is a Diamond Bracelet?

Although you might think the answer is obvious, there are some things worth considering when buying a diamond bracelet. In simple terms, a diamond bracelet is any bracelet that has one or more diamonds on it. Most bracelets consist of a precious metal chain that holds the diamonds in place, such as a yellow gold diamond bracelet. 

Some people even prefer a white gold and diamond bracelet depending on their needs and budget. You can find a real diamond bracelet starting at around $300 and going up to more than $1 million. Make sure the bracelet you buy makes sense for you and fits into your budget so that you can move forward with confidence, and you will be glad you did.


Where to Buy a Diamond Bracelet

When you want to purchase a diamond bracelet women's, finding a reputable dealer is vital. You need to know the bracelet you are getting is real and that it is worth the price you are paying. Do some research in advance to get an idea of what the type of bracelet you want is worth to avoid getting ripped off. It is also helpful to know the most you are willing to pay before you to avoid paying a higher price for your diamond bracelet.

You can find jewelry dealers in your town or on the internet. Before you choose a shop, look for online reviews in addition to ratings from the Better Business Bureau to get an idea of the quality you can expect. You can also turn to Lumije when you need a wide selection of diamond bracelets that grab your attention. Our website has a collection of affordable bracelets in a variety of styles and price ranges.


Assessing the Quality of Your Bracelet

Knowing the quality of your diamond bracelet is another critical factor you can never overlook. You want to get a bracelet that has a high-quality metal that will not tarnish or discolor your skin with long-term use. 

Assessing the quality of the gold is much easier than doing it with the diamonds. Many bracelets come with several small stones , so grading each of them would not make sense. The best option is going with a reputable dealer and selecting a bracelet with diamonds that look good to you.


Bracelet Styles

You can find different bracelet designs and styles. Most people shop around until they come across a diamond bracelet that stands out to them, which works. But you want to understand the different types and styles so that you can find one that stands out to you more than the others. For example, you might come across a style you like that does not match everything for which you are looking.

In that case, you can note the style and look for similar bracelets that better meet your needs. You could be on the hunt for a white gold diamond bracelet or a pink diamond bracelet but also have a specific style at the front of your mind, and knowing the available designs is the best way to reach your goal.



No matter if you want a thin bracelet, something more substantial diamond bracelet, you could be interested in the prong style. As the name suggests, prong-set bracelets use prongs to hold each diamond in place around your bracelet. You must get a bracelet with at least three or four prongs if you want to ensure your diamonds are secure and will not come out.

Getting your bracelet from a reputable dealer also puts your worries to rest and gives you peace of mind. Getting prongs that still allow light to pass through is another factor worth keeping in mind if you want a quality product that looks great in any situation. When light passes through the diamonds, it makes them shine and attracts attention to their natural beauty.



The channel-set bracelet is the next type we are going to explore, and it makes a great option if prongs are not your style. Channel-set bracelets have a thin row of metal on each side of the diamond to hold it in place and prevent it from coming undone while you wear it. A quality bracelet has strong channels, even though they are thin.

The thin channels have holes near the diamonds that let enough light get through to showcase the elegance of each one, and anyone would feel proud to wear one of these fantastic pieces of jewelry. A rose gold and diamond bracelet looks terrific in the channel style.



It is time to review bezel-set diamond bracelets so that you can decide if this style matches what you had in mind from the start. Instead of using prongs or channels, bezel-set diamonds use metal to surround each diamond to make them as secure as possible.

The bezels that hold the diamonds in place have a hole for light to get through to the other side, but you might not get as much light as the prong style offers. Get a half-bezel if you like this style but also want your diamond to shine in all environments.


The Best Time to Buy a Bracelet

Diamond bracelets look great on you and compliment your style, but they also highlight your personality and taste. Many people keep diamond bracelets for a while and later pass them down to their family members, such as children and grandchildren. If you want to buy one but do not know when the best time is, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Make sure you can fit the bracelet into your budget and that it will not harm your bank account. If you can afford the bracelet, you can buy it any time you want. One suggestion is to buy the bracelet to reward yourself for completing one of life's many milestones.



You always put in your best effort at work, trying to earn the attention of your managers. It probably felt like you were trying to stand above the rest without getting the credit you deserve for your work. But everything changed one day when your boss said you are getting a promotion.

Whether your promotion comes with a bonus check or just increased pay, it is the perfect time to give yourself a gift. Also, consider giving the gift to someone close to you who has recently been promoted at work. A diamond bracelet provides the perfect way to congratulate yourself or someone you care about for a job well done.


Birth of a Child

If you or someone you know is having a child, getting a diamond bracelet is a great idea that highlights the special moment in life. Giving someone a bracelet on the day a child is born ties that bracelet with one of life's most vivid and vital memories, and that bracelet will always symbolize the day on which the child came into the world. You can also get yourself a bracelet if you have a child. You can give your bracelet to the child when they get older and complete their milestones.



High school and college graduations are another one of the milestones in life people remember forever. Graduation signals the end of one journey and the beginning of another, and you want a quality gift that accurately represents the occasion. A diamond bracelet is a powerful way to congratulate anyone graduating from college or high school, and a bracelet of the right quality will last a lifetime. Consider buying a bracelet for yourself or someone else if a graduation party is right around the corner.



People look for many creative ways to celebrate their wedding anniversary. An anniversary is a time for honoring all the years you have spent together, but it also represents a time to reflect on all the good and bad times you made it through together. Many couples buy gifts for each other on this special day to show that they still care. You can also use this special day to buy a fantastic gift for yourself, and that diamond bracelet you have in mind is an excellent option. Speak with your significant other and see if they will help you pick out a bracelet that you both enjoy. You could even pick out the bracelet on your own and surprise your partner.


Finding the Right Size Bracelet

If you are like many other people in the market for a new bracelet, you are wondering how to find the right size for your wrist. The good news is that finding a bracelet of the right size is much easier than getting a ring or another piece of jewelry. Get a piece of yarn and wrap it around your wrist, cutting it off when it makes a perfect fit. Next, you uncoil the thread from your wrist and measure it with a ruler to get your wrist size.


Always go an inch larger than your wrist to prevent your bracelet from being too tight. For example, get a bracelet that is 7 inches if your wrist is 6 inches. Since you can find an expert to resize your bracelet, you do not need to worry about finding one in the perfect size right away.


Famous Diamond Bracelets

Many famous diamonds exist and have gained popularity because of the people who wear them. No diamond bracelets have gained more attention than those worn by members of the royal family. The Queen’s baguette bracelet is an excellent example of a famous piece of jewelry.

This bracelet features a row of baguette diamonds and two rows of brilliant diamonds. While the diamonds are worth a lot of money, the fact that the queen owns this bracelet provides its real value. The Rose of York is another stunning bracelet owned and worn by a royal family member. Queen Mary received this bracelet as a wedding gift.


Common Questions Related to Diamond Bracelets

So far, this guide has covered some of the most common things people want to know about these stunning bracelets. The information you have reviewed empowers you to make your buying decision with confidence and peace of mind, and the right diamond bracelet will be yours in no time.

Some people still have a few questions they would like to have answered before spending their money. This section covers additional questions you might have about bracelets and finding one that makes sense for you. Read the answers to these questions with your needs in mind if you would like to get the most from the guide. When you complete the next section, you will have everything you need to buy without stress.


What Wrist Should I Wear My Bracelet On?

Not everyone takes the time to consider what wrist they should wear their bracelet on. When you spend a lot of money on a diamond bracelet of which you are proud, you want to get everything right the first time. You need to know what makes the most sense for you and your situation. Most people put their bracelets on their left hand because their right hand is dominant. Since they use their right hand to write, open doors, eat and perform a range of other tasks, the bracelet goes on their left hand so that it does not get in the way. The simple answer, though, is to choose the wrist that is the most comfortable for you.


What Are Carats?

Carats refer to the weight of the diamonds in your bracelet, and one carat is the same as 200 milligrams. That means a 1ct diamond bracelet has a diamond that weighs 200 milligrams, which is 25% of the weight of a raisin. The price you pay for each carat depends on the type and quality of the diamond you are going to buy. A decent diamond with proper craftsmanship sells for around $4,000 per carat, but you can find cheaper diamonds that still look great. Since diamond bracelets typically have many rocks, individual diamonds will likely be much smaller than one carat.


What Are Karats?

Karats are another essential term you need to understand when it comes to buying a bracelet for yourself or someone else. Karats refer to the purity of gold. If you get a 14k gold diamond bracelet, it means that 14 out of 24 parts are made of pure gold. In other words, a 14-karat gold bracelet is 58% pure, and the rest is made from other metals. A 24-karat gold bracelet is 100% pure, and this fact reflects in the price you pay for it.


Can You Wear a Diamond Bracelet Every Day?

A lot of people also want to know if they can wear their diamond bracelet every day, which is a great question. The answer depends on your environment and how active you are. The type of metal you use for your bracelet is another factor that plays a role in your decision. Bracelets made from 24-karat gold look more beautiful than other types and demand a much higher price, but they are not the best choice if you want something you can wear each day. Pure gold is soft and bends easily, so it will not take much to damage it.

Consider 18-karat gold if you want a balance between quality and durability. If you have the budget, you can even get an 18-karat bracelet and one that looks just like it made from 24-karat gold. Wear the 24-karat gold bracelet at special events and the 18-karat gold bracelet for everyday activity. No matter the option you pick, take your bracelet off when you play sports or go swimming so that you do not lose it. Taking a few precautions and keeping your bracelet type in mind goes a long way to letting your bracelet last a lifetime.


Can You Shower with a Diamond Bracelet?

Some people leave their bracelets on 24/7 no matter what they do, but others ask if they can wear their bracelets while they shower. You should never wear your bracelet in the shower or any other body of water unless you want it to fade and weaken. The minerals and chemicals in both city and well water can tarnish the diamonds and weaken the metal links.

The weak links could cause the bracelet to break and fall off when you least expect it. If your bracelet does not break, pollutants in the water harm its appearance and damage its natural shine. Always remove your bracelet before you shower to avoid these problems.


What is a Tennis Bracelet?

A tennis bracelet is another name for a diamond bracelet. Typically, it is a gold band that is set with diamonds all the way around. Most of the time, a tennis bracelet will be a thin, delicate piece with diamonds symmetrically patterned all the way around. 

The name “tennis bracelet” comes from a story in 1978 at the US Open. Chris Evert, a professional tennis player, was in the middle of an intense match when her diamond bracelet broke. The match was halted so that her bracelet could be located and recovered. Since then, it has become common to refer to thin, diamond bracelets as tennis bracelets. The tradition has been carried on by famous tennis celebrities like Maria Sharapova and Serena Williams.

As can be seen from the origin story of the name, a tennis bracelet is a durable, yet fashionable accessory.


Final Thoughts

Getting a diamond bracelet for yourself is a great idea, and it is a powerful way to improve your wardrobe and take your appearance to the next level. Your budget and style play a central role in the choice you make moving forward, but a few other factors should impact your decision if you want a diamond bracelet of which you can be proud.

Knowing what you want and how you plan to use your bracelet are additional pieces of the puzzle that keep you on track when making your choice. With these tips on hand and your goals near the front of your mind, you will have no trouble buying the perfect diamond bracelet.



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