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Lumije Italian jewelry collection is special. Made with Italy jewels. Each piece is unique and ethical. Perfect for special moments

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Why Choose Lumije for Italia Collection

Ethical Sourcing

Lumije is committed to ethical sourcing. We ensure our diamonds and materials are responsibly obtained. Our process respects the environment and communities. This means each piece of italia jewelry you wear is guilt-free and earth-friendly.

Unique Italian Design

Every piece in the Italian jewelry collection is crafted with unique Italy jewels. Our designs effortlessly combine contemporary flair with timeless grace. Those who value unique and exquisite jewelry will adore each piece because it is an artistic creation.

Lasting Quality

You can trust that our jewelry will endure for years. The materials and craftsmanship we employ are of the highest quality. The beauty, glimmer, and allure of each piece are intended to last for many years. With Lumije, you invest in timeless quality.

Your Guide For Selecting and Using Jewelery from Lumijé

The Italia Collection by Lumije is a stunning showcase of Italian jewelry style. Each piece is a blend of tradition and modern design, made with love in Italy. 

The collection features ethical diamonds and fine materials, ensuring both beauty and responsibility. With unique designs like the Bewitched Diamond Pendant and the Double Diamond Flower Necklace, the Italia Collection offers a range of exquisite jewelry perfect for any occasion. 

The quality of these pieces is exceptional, designed to last and keep their shine over time. Lumije's commitment to ethical sourcing and lasting quality makes this collection not just a purchase but an investment in timeless elegance. 

With the Italia Collection, you wear a piece of Italian artistry, perfect for those who appreciate beauty and quality in their jewelry.

1. Bewitched Diamond Pendant 

This pendant is magical. It has 84 diamonds. Made with 18K yellow gold. It's perfect for parties. You will look stunning.

2. Double Diamond Flower Necklace 

This necklace shines bright. It has 16 diamonds like flowers. Set in 18K yellow gold. It's elegant and charming. Great for special moments.

3. Diamond Jubilee Pendant 

Celebrate with this pendant. It has 35 sparkling diamonds. Crafted in 18K white gold. Perfect for making days special. It's a luxurious gift.

4. Happy Tear Drop Diamond Pendant 

This pendant is joyful. Made with 22 diamonds. It's in 18K white gold. Adds sparkle to your look. Great for everyday wear.

5. First-Crush Diamond Pendant 

This pendant is romantic. It has 19 beautiful diamonds. Made with 18K white gold. It's lovely and delicate. Ideal for showing love.

6. Happy Teardrop Diamond Earrings 

These earrings are dazzling. They have 44 diamonds. Set in 18K white gold. Perfect for adding glamour. Great for evening events.

1. Bewitched Diamond Pendant 

Choose for magic. It's shiny with many diamonds. Good for fancy events.

2. Double Diamond Flower Necklace 

Pick for beauty. It's like a flower garden. Nice for happy days.

3. Diamond Jubilee Pendant 

Select for celebrations. It's sparkly and special. Great for gifts.

4. Happy Tear Drop Diamond Pendant

Opt for joy. It's bright and pretty. Good for daily wear.

5. First-Crush Diamond Pendant 

Choose for Love. It's delicate and lovely. Perfect for romantic moments.

6. Happy Teardrop Diamond Earrings 

Pick for elegance. They sparkle a lot. Great for parties.

7. Multi-Diamond Studs 

Select for a big look. They are classy. Nice for every day.

8. Bothered & Bewildered Diamond Pendant 

Opt for a statement. It's big and shiny. Good for special nights.

9. Double Jeopardy Heart Bracelet 

Choose for commitment. It's full of love. Perfect for showing care.

10. Doubly In Love Gold & Diamond Pendant 

Pick for Double Love. It's unique and pretty. Great for special someone.

11. First-Crush Multi-Diamond Heart-Shaped Studs 

Select for Showing Love. They're heart-shaped and bright. Nice for dates.

12. First-Love Heart-Shaped Studs 

Opt for True Love. They are sparkling hearts. Good for showing affection.

Storing Your Jewelry

  • Keep each piece separate. Use soft pouches.
  • Avoid scratches. Store in a soft-lined box.
  • Keep away from sunlight. It protects the color.
  • Store in a dry place. Avoid dampness.

Cleaning Your Jewelry

  • Use a soft cloth. Gently wipe each piece.
  • Mild soap and water. Rinse and dry well.
  • Don't use harsh chemicals. They can harm.
  • For tough dirt, use a soft brush. Be gentle.
  • Regular cleaning keeps jewelry shining. Do it often.

They are not just jewels - they are Italian stories.

The Italia jewelry collection is more than just jewelry. Each piece tells a story of Italy’s love. They are crafted with love and care. Made with beautiful diamonds and gold. They shine bright and last long. Perfect for special days or every day. These Italy jewels bring Italian beauty to you. They are little pieces of art. Wear them to feel special and loved.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Below is our list of questions and answers for your frequently asked questions.

What materials are used?

We use 18K gold and ethical diamonds.

Are these pieces handmade?

Yes, all are handmade in Italy.

Can I return a piece?

No, we do not offer any return policy.

How do I clean the jewelry?

Use a soft cloth and mild soap.

Do you offer custom designs?

Yes, we can make special pieces.

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