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How to Buy a World-Class Large Diamond Engagement Ring.

Buying a natural diamond engagement ring (two carats and larger) is a special category of diamond.  Once you reach this carat size and bigger, the price per carat goes up quite a bit. Not only that, but any upgrade in the color, clarity and cut-grade can significantly influence the price per carat either up or down.

This eBook will provide you with a good general knowledge about how diamonds are priced, and how you can hone in on the Goldilocks range of diamond color, clarity and cut-grade to achieve the maximum bang for your buck.   There are other topic covered, which well help you successfully navigate the journey to get her the ring of her dreams.  Best of luck.!



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  Our goal in writing this eBook is to give a practical foundation to help you navigate the process of buying a larger natural diamond engagement ring and to be a resource if you need us.