Bespoke Concierge

Lumije’s Concierge Service is Designed to Help Guide You to Creating Your Perfect Engagement Ring or Bespoke Piece of Diamond Jewelry
These three easy steps will start you on this exciting journey


The first step is to schedule a complimentary call with us click here.  The purpose of this first meeting is help us understand what you are looking for. At the end of this call, you and your advisor will have a clear understanding of what your ideal engagement ring (or Bespoke piece) would look like and your budgetary parameters.  At the end of this call, you will set either an in-person consultation at our 5th Avenue offices (In-person visits are available weekdays between 10:00AM—4:30PM) or another video call to view the diamond selected based on your criteria.


Between your first call and second call your diamond expert will select diamonds she feels will match your criteria from Lumije’s extensive, on-hand inventory of natural diamonds. 

At this meeting you will be able to compare these diamonds from your hand-picked selection “side-by-side” in person or remotely via HD images and videos.  

Diamonds are more than a series of numbers and letters.  Many factors contribute to the beauty and uniqueness of every diamond and your expert will help point these out to you.  This meeting will help you refine what factors are most important to you and you will feel confident in choosing your perfect diamond.

Your advisor will also help you pick out the perfect setting and have one of expert jewelers set your ring.


The final step is for one of our expert jewelers set your diamond and polish your piece.  This process takes approximately 10-14 days.  As this time approaches your advisor will schedule another visit to pick up your ring.  If this is not possible, we will send you images and videos and once approved we will ship your ring overnight.  We are confident that the end-result will be the perfect engagement ring or bespoke piece of diamond jewelry.