Brazaletes, brazaletes y brazaletes hechos a mano y vanguardistas en metales preciosos, diamantes y piedras preciosas. Perfecto para apilar o llevar solo.

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Why our shop?

Check out what makes us stand out for you. Visit our shop to experience:

High product quality

Our gold and diamond bracelets, made with pure diamond, gold, silver, and pearls, add mesmerizing elegance to your appearance.

Diverse bracelet collection

We have a diverse bracelet collection featuring standout pieces like a charming heart bracelet and a classic Cuban link bracelet. Each bracelet is designed to add a unique touch of style to your look.

Responsive support team

Got a question? Our support team is available for you. Friendly and detail-oriented, they're ready to provide quick and helpful responses during our official hours to ensure your satisfaction.

Know more about Lumije bracelets and use

Go through the key details below and find more interesting facts about our Lumije bracelets.

Dive into the world of Lumije gold and diamond bracelets and discover more than just beauty. Here's why our bracelets are more than just accessories:

Perfect gifts for every milestone:

Lumije gold chain bracelets are ideal presents for life's big moments. Celebrate your graduation, anniversary, or other special occasion with a gift that symbolizes your connection.

Enhance your confidence:

Choose the right Lumije bracelet to enhance your confidence. Whether in an informal gathering or formal setting, our 18k gold bracelet adds the extra flair to help you stand out.

Strengthen bonds:

Gifting a Lumije bracelet will deepen your emotional ties. Every glance at their wrist reminds your loved one of the special bond you share with them, making every moment memorable.

Our collection provides a broad range of bracelets for special occasions and individual preferences.

Pearl bracelet:

Like the icing on the cake, our pearl bracelets made from natural pearls are great finishing touches for your outfits. Also, you can try our gray pearl bracelet to try its magic with your favorite outfits.

Leather & steel bracelet:

Combining the best of both worlds, our leather and steel bracelet can enhance your look to a high level. So, wear a braided leather bracelet to appear magical wherever you go. 

Gold Figaro bracelet:

Our pure gold Figaro bracelet has a dazzling appearance for people like you. Try this 14K gold Figaro bracelet to make your day.

Men’s stainless steel bracelet:

Built to last, our stainless steel bracelet is an ideal no-brainer gift for your male friend or family member. Try our stainless steel bracelet that’s bound to impress your connection with its magnificence.

Heart bracelet:

Close to the heart, our heart bracelet is the perfect token of affection for Valentine’s Day, birthday, or any special event. For example, our popular heart bracelet would make your relationship warmer and stronger. 

Gold and diamond bracelet:

This bracelet offers an armful of luxury for every occasion. Wear our gold and diamond pickleball bracelet to make your day unforgettable.

Cuban link bracelet:

This bracelet is your go-to accessory for get-togethers or family celebrations. Get our famous Cuban link bracelet and impress your loved ones with its luster and charm.

Tennis bracelet:

Hit it out of the park with our tennis bracelet, whose diamond pieces line up in good harmony tethered by gold or platinum for an effortlessly elegant look. And to amaze others with the elegance of a desirable tennis bracelet, try our 7.34 CTW emerald-cut diamond tennis bracelet.

Selecting the right bracelet isn't just about personal taste; it's about finding the ideal complement to your outfit and expressing your unique style. 

Here’s a quick guide to make your choice easy:

Select on the basis of event type:

Got a formal event or a casual hangout? Need a special gift? Narrow down your options by considering the occasion. Our gold and diamond bracelets shine in informal settings, while our stainless steel bracelets bring a sleek touch to formal events.

Select based on bracelet materials:

Choose from our broad range of gold and diamond bracelets made of pure and natural silver, gold, diamonds, pearls, and leather. Select the bracelet material that not only suits your style but also complements your skin tone beautifully.

Wait here. We have a bonus tip for your shopping assistance.

Bonus tip for selecting the right bracelet:

Find your ideal bracelet in less time on Lumije! Use our handy “Filter and Sort” feature to sift through bracelets by their material quickly. Then, effortlessly sort your choices by the price or popularity option to land on the one that fits your taste and needs perfectly.

Get the bracelet of your choice at Lumije

Whatever your taste for a bracelet, we get you covered here. Get your stylish accessory on Lumije. Check all varieties of bracelets and get the jewelry piece you admire the most.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Below is our list of questions and answers for your frequently asked questions.

What materials are used in Lumije bracelets?

Our gold and diamond bracelets are manufactured from standard materials like gold, silver, pearls, and diamonds. Choose the one that suits your style best. With the Lumije bracelet, you're set to shine in any setting!

How do Lumije bracelets stand out from other bracelets?

Known for our top-quality stainless steel bracelets, we bring years of experience to every piece. At Lumije, our bracelet is not only an accessory but also a mark of excellence and trust. Stand out with our standard-setting collection!

Can I order custom bracelets on Lumije?

Absolutely! Dream up your ideal bracelet, and let us bring it to life. At Lumije, your desired piece is just an order away, created swiftly and tailored just for you.


Yes, we do ship internationally. For more information on shipping policies, please visit our shipping information page.

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