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Diamond Studs: How To Buy Earrings

There are multiple reasons why diamond studs are the classic go-to piece of jewelry for so many women. Not only are they stylish and beautiful, they are also versatile.  They go...

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Are Man-Made Diamonds Cheaper?

The answer to the question, "are man-made diamonds cheaper" is "it depends." Man-made diamond, in general, have gone down in price. Natural diamonds, which have been around for a great...

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Lab-Created Diamond vs. Real Diamond

There has been a lot of talks recently about lab-grown diamonds. Many people are trying to discover the difference between a lab-created stone vs. a real diamond, which is more...

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Diamond Bracelets: The Definitive Guide to Buying One for Yourself

  If you would like to treat yourself to one of the more beautiful things in life, you are likely interested in buying a diamond bracelet. They are a beautiful addition...

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Some Important Things to Consider When Shopping for a Larger Diamond

Buying a larger diamond is a major purchase. We categorize a larger diamond as anything above two carats.  As a discerning buyer, however, you’ll also want whatever carat (size) diamond...

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How to Buy an Engagement Ring

Buying an engagement ring marks the next phase in your life with your intended bride. It is also a major purchase and a treasured piece of jewelry she will wear...

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