Pickleball Diamond Bracelets

Simple, ethical luxury. Show your love for pickleball with these elegant pickleball diamond bracelets. Perfect for any occasion, they blend sporty fun with refined style.

Handmade in the USA.

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Why Choose Lumije for Pickleball Bracelets

60 Years of Trust

Lumije brings six decades of diamond jewelry expertise. Our knowledge ensures quality and style in every bracelet.

Ethically Sourced

We use only ethically sourced diamonds. Our commitment to responsible sourcing shines in every piece.

Unique Design

Each gold diamond bracelet combines sport and luxury. Enjoy a unique, stylish design that stands out.

Guide to Style and Care Pickleball Bracelet from Lumijé

Pickleball Bracelets blend sport and luxury. Each pickleball diamond bracelet shows your love. They're perfect for any event. We use ethical diamonds and recycled metals. This shows our care for the people. 

Our 60 years in jewelry mean trust and style. The unique designs stand out. They mix fun and elegance. Buying a diamond bracelet from Lumije also helps women in tough times. You get your beautiful gold diamond bracelet and a good job will be done. 

These diamond bracelets are more than just jewelry. They tell a story of care, style, and support.

1. "DINK IT" Diamond Pickleball Bracelet

This women’s diamond bracelet has a fun pickleball charm. It's sparkly and perfect for daily wear. Great alone or with other bracelets. It shows your love for the game. It's stylish and playful.

2. "DOWN THE LINE" Diamond Pickleball Bracelet

It's a luxury Pickleball diamond bracelet. Made of solid 14K gold and 21 diamonds. It's secure and shines bright. The pickleball charm adds a special touch. Perfect for on and off the court.

1. "DINK IT" PickleBall Diamond  Bracelet

Choose this gold diamond bracelet if you like subtle sparkle. It's also great for daily wear. Matches well with other jewelry. Perfect if you love a sporty yet elegant look. Id"DINK IT" Diamond PickleBall Braceleteal for pickleball fans who want a playful touch.

2. "DOWN THE LINE" PickleBall Diamond Bracelet

Pick this diamond tennis bracelet for more luxury. It's made with gold and lots of diamonds. Stays secure during active play. Great for making a bold statement. Best for those who want to combine sports and high fashion.

Care Guide for Lumije Pickleball Bracelets

Storing Your Bracelet:

Keep it in a soft cloth pouch. Store it away from other jewelry. This prevents scratches. Keep it in a cool, dry place. Avoid direct sunlight.

Cleaning Your Bracelet: 

Use a soft, lint-free cloth. Gently wipe the bracelet. Do this after each wear. For a deeper clean, use mild soap and water. Dry it well after washing.

They are not just bracelets - they are symbols of love and commitment.

Pickleball Diamond Bracelets are more than jewelry. They are symbols of love for the game and a commitment to style and ethics. Each bracelet tells a story. It shows a blend of sporty fun and elegant fashion. Wearing one means showing off your passion for pickleball.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Below is our list of questions and answers for your frequently asked questions.

How to tell if a diamond bracelet is real?

Check for imperfections with a magnifying glass. Real diamonds clear fog fast when breathed on.

Are these bracelets good for daily wear?

Yes, they are made for everyday use. They are durable and stylish

How do I clean my bracelet?

Use a soft cloth with mild soap and water. Then dry it well.

Are the materials ethically sourced?

Yes, all materials are ethically sourced and eco-friendly

Do these purchases support any charities?

Yes, buying a bracelet helps women in crisis areas.

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