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See our lovely fancy-shaped diamonds in bands, earrings, and more. They shine bright and make every day special. Feel beautiful with each piece you wear.

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Why Choose Lumijé?

Ethical Beauty

We care where our fancy yellow diamonds come from. Our fancy white diamonds are packed with care. We make sure they are from places that are kind and fair. When worn, our jewelry offers a feeling of calm to its wearer.

Reliable High-Quality

Our 60 years of experience guarantee that each diamond is of the highest quality. Each piece is checked and loved before it reaches you. With Lumijé, you get sparkle that lasts and trust that stays.

Style with Heart

Our jewelry does more than just look good. We help women business owners around the world. When you choose Lumijé, you help make a change. You get beauty that gives back.

Guide For Selecting Fancy Jewelry from Lumijé

A fancy diamond is more than just a diamond. Their unique color palette includes pink, blue, and yellow, among others. Most fancy white diamonds are clear, but these have pretty colors. People love them because they look unique. They are rare, too, which makes them very special. You can find them in different shapes like round, pear, or marquise. This makes each one look different. 

They are ideal for creating unique jewelry. Stunning jewelry pieces adorned with fancy diamonds include necklaces, rings, and earrings. No outfit is complete without them. You can't help but feel unique when you adorn yourself with fancy diamonds. Add these to your jewelry box; they are priceless.

Marquise-Cut Diamond Band

This fancy-cut diamond has a modern look. It is made of platinum with seven marquise diamonds. The diamonds are set sideways. You can wear it alone or with other bands. It is simple but looks very nice.

Pulse-Raising Pear-Shape Diamond Bangle: 

The fancy yellow diamond gold used to make this bangle is 18 karat. Eighteen diamonds in a pear shape adorn it. Oh, and they're angled as well. You may wear this bracelet alone or stack it for extra style options. The way it sparkles is just mesmerizing.

Marquise-Cut Diamond Earrings

In these earrings, you'll find twenty-two diamonds set in an emerald cut. White gold, 18 karat, is their mounting. Wearing these will be a breeze; they're quite comfy. They look fancy and make you feel special.

Love It Forever Radiant-Cut Diamond Eternity Band

 A band like this is made of platinum. The 22 radiant-cut diamonds are one-of-a-kind masterpieces. It shines a lot. You will love it forever. It looks very elegant.

Stunning 3.53 CTW Pear-Shape Diamond Tennis Bracelet: 

This bracelet is unique. It is made of platinum. It has pear-shaped diamonds with a small bar between each one. It looks different and very pretty.

Marquise-Cut Diamond Band

  • Look for the platinum shine.
  • See the seven marquise diamonds set sideways.
  • Check the color and clarity: G/H, VS.
  • Think about wearing it alone or with other bands.

Marquise-Cut Diamond Earrings

  • Notice the flower shape with 16 marquise diamonds.
  • There's one round diamond in each earring.
  • They are elegant and easy to wear.

Uniquely You Marquise-Shape Snowflake Necklace

  • See the snowflake shape made of seven marquise diamonds.
  • A dazzling, spherical, fancy yellow diamond necklace sits smack dab in the center.
    Presented on an 18-karat white gold chain, it measures 16 inches in length.

Pulse-Raising Pear-Shape Diamond Bangle

  • This is 18K yellow gold.
  • Check for nineteen diamonds in the shape of pears that are arranged in a diagonal fashion.
    Looks great on its own or layered with others.
    The diamonds are all of VS clarity and F/G color.

Definitely! 6.14 CTW Emerald-Cut Earrings

  • Notice the 22 emerald-cut diamonds in each earring.
  • These hoops are easy to wear and comfortable.
  1. Love It Forever Radiant-Cut Diamond Eternity Band

  • The platinum stones adorn this fancy yellow diamond ring.
    The 22 radiant-cut diamonds are one-of-a-kind masterpieces.
    Take note of the total carat weight of 4.37 CTW.

7- Stunning 3.53 CTW Pear-Shape Diamond Tennis Bracelet

  • This bracelet has a platinum plating.
  • Look for pear-shaped diamonds with small bars between them.
  • Each diamond is G/H in color and VS in clarity.

Guide to Keeping Fancy Diamonds Clean and Safe

Cleaning Your Fancy Diamonds:

  • Warm, soapy water and a gentle brush are all you need.
  • Gently brush the diamond and setting.
  • Rinse under warm running water.
  • Dry with a soft, lint-free cloth.
  • Do this often to keep them shiny.

Storing Your Fancy Diamonds:

  • Keep them in a soft cloth pouch or a jewelry box.
  • Make sure each piece is separate.
  • This stops them from scratching each other.

Handling Your Fancy Diamonds:

  • Touch them by the edges, not the top.
  • This keeps them free from oils and dirt.

Regular Check-Ups:

  • Take them to a jeweler once a year.
  • They will check for loose settings or damage.

Avoid Harsh Chemicals:

  • Don't wear fancy diamonds when using cleaners.
  • Chemicals can harm diamonds and metals.

Be Careful with Water:

  • Take off your diamonds before swimming.
  • Chlorine in pools can damage them.

Wear Them with Care:

  • Put them on after using makeup or hairspray.
  • This keeps them clean and shiny.

They are not just fancy diamonds - they are treasures of nature.

These fancy white diamonds are more than just stones. They are rare gifts from the earth. Each one is unique. You may get them in a rainbow of beautiful colors, from pink and blue to yellow and yellow. These colors make them different from regular fancy-cut diamonds. They have their own special shine. When you wear them, they tell a story.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Below is our list of questions and answers for your frequently asked questions.

What makes fancy diamonds different?

Fancy diamonds are colorful. They come in pink, blue, and more. They are not like clear diamonds. They are rare and special.

My diamond jewelry is quite expensive; how can I keep it sparkling?

Rinse them with a gentle bristle brush and a little soapy water. Store them safely. Keep them away from harsh chemicals. This keeps them shiny and safe.

Is it appropriate to wear my diamond jewelry on a daily basis?

Yes, Of course. They are made strong. But be careful. Don't wear them when you swim or clean.

Are these diamonds ethically sourced? 

Yes, they are. We make sure they come from good places. We care about being kind and fair.

What if I need to fix my fancy diamond jewelry?

Bring it to us. That will be taken care of. We are committed to ensuring your satisfaction.

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