How did Lumije Originate?

Lumije was started by Deborah Samuels as a way to combine her lifelong love affair with diamonds and jewelry and her passion for empowering women. Read more about us here

How Does Lumije Give Back to Women-Own Businesses?

Lumije partnered with the non-profit charity Bpeace and donates a percentage of every sale.  It’s a wonderful multiplier effect. A woman buys a piece from Lumije to empower herself, and through her purchase, which benefits Bpeace, she is empowering another woman who indirectly is gaining knowledge and skills to be more successful.

Are Lumije’s Diamonds Ethically-Sourced?

Lumije is honored to have as its diamond partner a renowned mining company client and US-based diamond manufacturer. A diamond manufacturer cuts and polishes the rough diamond (the form it takes when it is excavated from the earth) into its finished form, which most of us are familiar with.

There are only a handful of diamond manufacturers who are eligible to receive rough diamonds directly from one of the three major diamond-mining companies. As a direct-mining client, our supplier must adhere to the highest ethical standards, transparency (which tracks the different phases the rough diamond goes through to become a finished/polished diamond), and corporate governance to maintain this relationship.

This ensures you can have confidence that your Lumije diamonds are always all-natural (never artificially-enhanced. Lab-Grown or treated in any way) and were mined and produced most ethically and sustainably.

In addition, to the strict criteria our partner must adhere to for the diamond mining company. They are also very active members of the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC), The Diamond Manufacturers and Importers of America (DMIA), and the Jewelers Vigilance Committee (JVC). Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and The American Gem Society (AGS)

Do Ethically-Sourced Diamonds Cost More?

We do not think that is the issue. It is more that both Lumije and its diamond partner have certain professional standard and value that does not include selling diamonds that are not ethically-sourced.

How are Lumije’s Gemstones Sourced?

We choose only those suppliers that adhere to certain high standards.


Can I Buy a Setting Without Buying a Diamond?

No. We do not sell standalone settings.

Can I place a diamond on hold?

Yes, with a deposit.

Do you Offer Lab-Grown Diamond?

At this time, we only sell natural diamonds.

Are Lumije’s Diamonds Certified?

Most of the smaller diamonds in jewelry are not, but all engagement ring diamonds are certified.

Can Lumije Send Me Additional Images of Rings?

In most cases, yes.


How Much is Shipping?

All expedited domestic shipping is complimentary. There are no order minimums to be eligible for complimentary expedited 2nd day shipping. However, please note that all deliveries require signature by an adult.

For more information regarding shippingClick Here


Does Lumije Offer Any Warranty?

Yes. We offer a complimentary 60-day limited warranty.

What Does Lumije’s Warranty Cover?

Our warranty includes any quality issues that arise from a manufacturing defect, including loose diamonds or loose prongs, missing pavé stones, broken clasps, and broken chains.

What is Not Covered by the Warranty?

Our warranty does not cover issues that arise from normal wear and tear, including but not limited to dents, scratches, knotted chains, misshapen rings or bangles or damaged stones. Needless to say, lost or stolen pieces are also not covered by this warranty.

What if I Take My Jewelry to a Local Jeweler?

Unfortunately, any work performed on Lumije pieces by any outside jeweler will void Lumije’s warranty--Unless Lumije gives express permission in writing (email).

I Have More Questions Regarding the Warranty?

You can always contact us at info@lumije.com with any questions. 


Our goal is for you to love your jewelry and cherish it for years to come. We will make every effort to make sure we and all the products we sell exceed your expectations.

In the unlikely event, you are not 100% satisfied, we offer a 14-day money-back guarantee on all non-custom domestic orders (custom orders include engagement rings, special ring sizes if the ring comes in one standard size, any special sizing of necklaces and engraved items, certain collections etc.). Made-to-order items are clearly labeled on the website.

We ask your cooperation in helping us to help you to make this process smooth and equitable.

Click here for steps to return your eligible item


How Do I Make Sure I Order the Correct Size Item?

Certain items on Lumije.com are made-to-order and therefore are not eligible for return. These items are clearly marked on the website. With these items getting the correct size is very important.

Please click here for our sizing guide

Rings: You can purchase a Ring Sizer.

Bracelets: Check out our size guide here for instructions on how to accurately measure your wrist for our bangles and bracelets!

When in doubt please contact us at sales@lumije.com so we can help with your sizing questions.

What Happens if I Bought the Wrong Size?

If your item is eligible for exchange or return, you may do an even exchange for the same item in a different size or color as long as the price is the same. We will send you a pre-paid return label and once we receive your product and our quality-control department approves the return we will send you the new product.

Don't hesitate to get in touch with returns@lumije.com with your order number and a brief issue description. We will email you a pre-paid shipping label and instructions on how to package the item for return.

Certain jewelry items cannot be resized these include bangles and eternity bands with diamonds set all around the ring, as well as certain ring designs. These items are usually marked as made-to-order on Lumije.

What if my Item is Delivered Damaged?

If your piece arrives damaged, be sure to get in touch with us at info@lumije.com immediately within 24 hours of receiving your package.


How do I Care for My Jewelry?

Fine jewelry is delicate and should be cared for accordingly. To extend the life of your jewelry and keep them in optimal condition, please follow the following care instructions:

Remove jewelry before applying shower products, lotion, perfume, or other chemical and oil compounds.

Leave your jewelry at home before engaging in strenuous activities, including going to the gym! Certain snug fitting earrings can be used safely while exercising.

Certain studs or snug earrings and rings can be worn even while you sleeps, but we recommend that necklaces and bracelets be removed before sleeping.

How Do I Clean My Lumije Jewelry?

  • Give your jewelry a monthly home cleaning to ward off the everyday buildup.
  • For a deeper clean, visit your jeweler at least once a year, or buy an inexpensive ultrasonic cleaner.
  • Soak your jewelry in warm, soapy water for 20 to 40 minutes without using an ultrasonic cleaner. Then gently brush the stone with a soft toothbrush and rinse under warm water.
  • Avoid using rough materials like paper towels when it's time to clean or polish. Instead, choose a microfiber cloth or soft cotton fabric for a gentle touch.
  • Likewise, avoid using harsh household cleaners like bleach, chlorine, and acetone. They can break down the metal of your jewelry.  Simple soap and water work best.


How Does Financing Work?

We offer finance through Shop Pay. On the product page, directly under the product name, you can find the Shop Pay monthly price, and you can select that option at checkout!


Lumije has chosen six of our most popular styles here

Each of these six styles comes with a GIA-certified, round 1.00-carat center stone with minimum G-H color, minimum SI clarity, triple-excellent (polish, cut, and symmetry) grade with no or faint fluorescence. Set in 14K white gold. However these rings can all be modified and one of diamond experts can help you with this. You can also create a completely different style ring and can customize the type of diamonds and setting you want. Just click here to set up a no cost or obligation session with of Lumije's diamond specialist.

Can I Work Remotely With a Lumije Diamond Specialist?

Definitely! We work with clients all over the world, and our bridal consultants are experts in working with you remotely. It's the same process working remotely as it is in person, the only difference being that you view your diamond selection via HD photos and videos; fill out our form to schedule your virtual consultation! Click here to book a complimentary consultation.