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Each pair of diamond earrings is a symbol of love and care, crafted to touch your heart. Wear them, feel unique, and shine. Choose yours, express your style, and make loving memories.
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Why Choose Lumijé for Diamond Earrings

Ethical and Sustainable

We care for our people. Every earring uses ethical gems and recycled metals. Choose us, choose sustainability.

Expert Craftsmanship

60 years in the making. Each earring shows our skill and love. Trust us for quality that lasts.

Empowering Women

With every purchase, you help women in need. We partner with Bpeace. Wear our earrings, and make a difference

Guide to Selecting Each Product from Lumije's Earring Collection

Earrings is a treasure trove of beauty and elegance. Each pair of gold diamond hoop earrings, from Groovy Sterling Silver Hoops to Color Me Fun Hoops, is crafted with care and skill. 

Each design showcases our 60 years of experience. Each small diamond stud earring is both aesthetically pleasing and environmentally friendly since we use recycled metals and diamonds that are responsibly sourced. 

Wearing our 1-carat diamond earrings is more than simply accessorizing; it's a declaration of your beliefs and personal style. 

A pair of Red Fiery Hoops or a pair of tranquil Liquid Pool Hoops is sure to complement any disposition or event. 

With our commitment to empowering women through Bpeace, each purchase helps make a positive impact. Choose Lumijé for earrings that are not just jewelry, but a reflection of your heart and values.

Our handpicked selection of exquisite modern earrings each crafted with precision and care. These standout pieces from our collection promise to make your special moments truly unforgettable.

1. Groovy Sterling Silver Hoops

Classic and stylish. These gold diamond hoop earrings are perfect for any look. They're light, shiny, and easy to wear. A simple hinge keeps them secure. Feel confident and chic every day.

2. Flat Diamond Studded Hoops

Elegant and sparkling. These gold diamond hoop earrings mix gold and diamonds beautifully. They're light and perfect for special events. Add a touch of glamour to your outfit. Shine bright wherever you go.

3. So Pretty Diamond Chain Link Huggies

Modern and unique. These gold diamond stud earrings blend gold and diamonds in a new way. They're comfortable and eye-catching. Perfect for a trendy look. Stand out in any crowd.

4. Red Fiery Hoops

Bold and vibrant. These gold diamond hoop earrings are studded with red garnets. They're perfect for making a statement. Gold and red blend for a fiery look. Wear them and turn heads.

5. Liquid Pool Hoops

Cool and calming. These gold diamond hoop earrings have blue topaz stones. They look like a pool of water. They're light and perfect for any day. Wear them and feel serene.

6. Yup! Diamond Embedded Gold Huggies

Sleek and versatile. These gold diamond stud earrings have diamonds in gold. They fit well in any ear hole. Perfect for a subtle, classy look. Wear them, and feel special every day.

Groovy Sterling Silver Hoops

Choose these gold diamond hoop earrings for a classic look. They match any outfit. Great for everyday wear.

Flat Diamond Studded Hoops

Pick these for extra sparkle. Best for evenings or special events. Adds elegance.

So Pretty Diamond Chain Link Huggies 

Select these diamond huggie earrings for a trendy style. Good for casual or fancy looks. Unique design.

Red Fiery Hoops

Go for these gold diamond hoop earrings to make a bold statement. Ideal for standing out. Vibrant color.

Liquid Pool Hoops

Opt for these for a calm feel. Great for day or night wear. Soothing blue.

Yup! Diamond Embedded Gold Huggies

Choose these yellow gold earrings for a subtle shine. Fits any ear. Good for everyday elegance.

Color Me Fun Hoops

Pick these for fun and color. Good for parties or fun days. Very playful.

Never Be Blue Huggie Earrings 

Select these diamond huggie earrings for a serene look. Best for a calm, sophisticated style. Light blue.

Floating Diamond Halo Studs 

Go for these for a floating diamond effect. Good for dressy occasions. Very classy.

Five-Leaf Clover Diamond Earrings 

Opt for these for luck and style. Good for daily wear. Unique clover design.

In The Box (Squarish) Stud Earrings 

Choose these small diamond stud earrings for a bold, square shape. Great for any time. Shiny and eye-catching.

Renee's Round Halo Studs

Pick these small diamond stud earrings for classic elegance. Best for any look. Round and brilliant.

Storing Your Earrings

  • Keep them in a softbox or pouch.
  • Store each pair separately.
  • Avoid sunlight and damp areas.
  • Keep away from other jewelry.
  • Lay hoops and studs flat.

Cleaning Your Earrings

  • Use a soft, damp cloth.
  • Gently wipe each earring.
  • Don't use harsh chemicals.
  • Dry them with a clean cloth.
  • For deep cleaning, see a professional.

They are not just earrings - they are timeless treasures.

Studs are more than earrings. They're tiny pieces of art. You wear them every day. They shine on your ears. They show your style. They feel light and look pretty. Diamond stud earrings go with any outfit. They make you feel special. Simple, elegant, and always perfect. Studs are a small, beautiful part of you.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Below is our list of questions and answers for your frequently asked questions.

Can I wear these earrings every day?

Yes, they're made for daily wear. They're comfortable and durable.

Are these earrings good for sensitive ears?

Yes, we use skin-friendly metals. They're safe for most ears.

How do I keep my earrings shiny?

Clean with a soft cloth. Avoid harsh chemicals. Store them well.

Do you offer custom earring designs?

Yes, contact us for custom designs. We're happy to help.

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