Diamond Jewelry That Matters

Each Lumijé diamond jewelry holds love and care. It's more than just shine; it's a story of hope and help. When you wear Lumijé diamond jewelry, you wear a part of a bigger, kinder world.

Handmade in the USA.  

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Why Choose Lumijé for Diamond Jewelry?

True and Kind Gems

Our diamonds are real and kind. We pick them with care. They bring beauty and do good.

Love for Our People

We make jewelry safely. We use methods that are good for our people. Wearing Lumijé means caring for our world.

Helping Hearts

Buying Lumijé helps others. We support women and the earth. Your choice makes a difference.

Your Guide For Selecting and Using Jewelery from Lumijé

Jewelry is a treasure of beautiful pieces. Each one tells a story of care, love, and respect. From the Bewitched Diamond Pendant to the Emerald & Diamond Statement Ring, each piece shines with quality and heart. 

The Colors of the Rainbow Hoops add color to your life. The Emerald-Cut Diamond Pendant and Pretty Please Oval-Cut Circle Diamond Pendant are simple yet stunning. 

Love shines in the First-Love Heart-Shaped Studs and the Heart Necklace with Red Enamel Heart Charm. 

The Multi-Diamond Studs and Oh Mio Oh My Diamond Pendant are crafted with skill. And the Fall in Love Every Day Diamond Bangle is perfect for daily wear. 

Each item in this collection isn't just jewelry; it's a piece of Lumijé's heart, crafted to bring joy and goodness to the world.

Bewitched Diamond Pendant 

This diamond pendant has 84 diamonds. It's made with an 18K yellow gold pendant. It looks like magic and feels special. Perfect for parties or to feel fancy. It's a true showstopper.

Colors of the Rainbow Hoops

These diamond hoops have many gems. They shine like a rainbow. Made with 14K gold, they're comfy to wear. Great for adding color to any outfit. They're fun and pretty.

Emerald & Diamond Statement Ring 

This emerald ring has diamonds and a big emerald. It's made of 18K rose gold. It's heavy and feels rich. Perfect for making a bold statement. It's elegant and eye-catching.

First-Love Heart-Shaped Studs

These diamond studs are heart-shaped. They have 38 diamonds. Made in Italy with 18K white gold. They are perfect for showing love. They're beautiful and romantic.

Heart Necklace with Red Enamel Heart Charm 

This diamond heart necklace has a red heart charm. It's made of 14K yellow gold. The charm is small but stands out. It's perfect for daily wear. It's cute and stylish.

Bewitched Diamond Pendant

Choose it for big events. It has lots of diamonds. Perfect with fancy dresses. Great for making a statement.

Colors of the Rainbow Hoops 

Pick these for fun days. They add color. Good with casual or dressy clothes. Best for cheerful looks.

Emerald & Diamond Statement Ring  

This emerald ring is good for special nights. It has a big emerald. Matches well with elegant outfits. Choose when you want to impress.

Emerald-Cut Diamond Pendant 

Simple and classy. Good for daily wear. Fits all outfits. Choose for a subtle, chic look.

Fall in Love Every Day Bangle 

Wear this every day. It's solid gold with diamonds. Goes with casual or work clothes. Good for a constant sparkle.

First-Love Heart-Shaped Studs

Perfect for romantic gifts. They are heart-shaped. Good for dates or anniversaries. Matches with cute, lovely outfits.

Heart Necklace with Red Enamel Heart Charm

Choose this diamond heart necklace for a fun look. It's colorful and playful. Good with casual clothes. Great for adding a pop of color.

Multi-Diamond Studs

Pick for a luxurious look. They're sparkly. Good with evening wear. Best for parties or fancy dinners.

Oh Mio Oh My Diamond Pendant 

Good for a stylish look. It has many diamonds. Matches well with trendy outfits. Choose for a chic appearance.

Pretty Please Oval-Cut Circle Diamond Pendant 

This diamond pendant is perfect for a sophisticated style. It's elegant. Good with formal or business wear. Choose for an upscale look.

Care Guide for Jewelry

Storing Your Jewelry: 

Keep your diamond jewelry safe. Use a softbox or pouch. Separate each piece. This stops scratches. Keep it dry and cool.

Cleaning Your Jewelry: 

Use warm, soapy water. Gently brush with a soft toothbrush. Rinse in clean water. Dry with a soft cloth. Do this often.

Avoiding Damage: 

Don't wear jewelry when doing hard work. Keep it away from chemicals. Take it off for sports. This keeps it safe.

Regular Checks:

Look at your diamond jewelry often. Check for loose stones. See if it's broken. Fix problems early.

Professional Cleaning:

Sometimes, take it to a jeweler. They clean it well. They can fix it if needed. Do this once a year.

They are not just jewelry - they are treasures of love.

Each piece of diamond jewelry is a small, shiny treasure. They are made with care and love. When you wear them, you feel special. They are not just to look pretty. They remind you of love and joy. They are small, but they hold big feelings. Perfect diamond jewelry for women or special moments. They make you and your heart smile.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Below is our list of questions and answers for your frequently asked questions.

How can I test my diamond jewelry at home?

Try the fog test. Breathe on it. Real diamonds clear fast. You can also try reading through it. If you can read, it might not be real.

How do you ask for diamond quality?

Ask about the 4Cs. These are cut color, clarity, and carat. A good seller will tell you.

Do Diamond Rings Hold Their Value?

Yes, they often do. Good diamonds can keep value. Some may even grow in value

How can I contact Lumijé for further questions?

For any inquiries, you can contact us via email, phone, or through our website's contact form. Our customer service team is dedicated to assisting you with any questions or concerns.

Are Older Diamond Rings Worth More?

Sometimes, yes. If they are rare or special, they can be worth more. Their history can add value too.

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