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What’s in Lumije?

Here’s why you should choose Lumije to buy Rings

Ethical Sourcing

All Lumije diamonds are natural, ethically mined, and sustainably produced. We stand out by partnering with a renowned mining company and a U.S.-based diamond manufacturer.

Customer Friendly Service

We understand the importance of customer convenience and satisfaction. You’ll get complimentary shipping, a free gift wrapping, and a 60-day warranty on all Lumije rings.

Unmatched Quality

At Lumije, quality isn't just a feature; it's our promise. We make sure that every jewelry piece meets the highest standards. You are guaranteed to have a jewlry piece that's second to none.

Everything About Lumije Rings

Want to know more about rings? Learn everything about Lumije rings here!

Rings have long been more than just jewelry. They hold significant meaning in various cultures and personal stories. Many people use rings to show friendship and loyalty. While others use them to represent accomplishments in life.

Particularly, modern engagement rings have become symbols of love and commitment. They represent promises and dreams shared between partners. For instance, the heart diamond ring is a beautiful representation of love and affection. It's a popular choice for those who wish to express their feelings through jewelry.

Other than that, rings also mark special occasions like anniversaries, graduations, or personal achievements.

So, there's a lot of meaning in every Lumije ring!

Lumije provides a wide variety of styles while maintainng elegance and quality. With a focus on both classic and modern ring designs, you can find rings for any tastes and occasions.

Here’s an overview of different types of rings that you can find at Lumije.

1. Heart Shaped Diamond Ring

Heart-shaped diamond rings are romantic and symbolic. They are often chosen for special occasions like anniversaries and engagements.

Lumije's Twisted Heart Ring is a perfect example. It features a 14K white gold band with a bezel-set diamond heart.

2. Emerald and Diamond Ring

Emerald and diamond rings combine the rich green of emeralds with the brilliance of diamonds. It creates a luxurious and eye-catching jewelry piece.

The Emerald & Diamond Statement Ring in Yellow Gold from Lumije showcases this blend with 1.24 CTW of yellow diamonds and a stunning 1.07 ct emerald.

3. Diamond Cluster Ring

Diamond cluster rings contains a group of small diamonds clustered in a single place.

The Cross My Heart Ring of Lumije is an ideal example. It offers .50 carats of diamonds set in 14K gold for a standout look.

Another exquisite piece in this category is the 14K Yellow Gold Stars At Day Ring. It’s a blue diamond ring with a rectangular London blue topaz. This blue gemstone is flanked by a trio of circular bezel-set diamonds on each side.

4. Baguette Diamond Ring

Baguette diamond rings use the unique rectangular cut of baguette diamonds for a sophisticated look. The Rialto Diamond Baguette Band by Lumije, with its 14K yellow gold band and straight baguette diamonds. It’s a highly decorated choice that reflects this style.

5. Emerald Cut Diamond Ring

Emerald-cut diamond rings are known for their clean lines and elegant look.

Lumije's Wishlist 2.03 CTW Emerald-Cut Eternity Band is a stunning example. It features a platinum band with five emerald-cut diamonds & symbolizes luxury.

6. Stackable Rings

Stackable rings are designed to be worn together for a layered look.

The Trifecta Diamond Stackable Ring from Lumije showcases this trend beautifully. It has three diamonds on a 14K white gold band.

Another beautiful example is the Black Enamel, Gold & Diamond Ring. It's a black diamond ring that contains four natural round diamonds. The diamonds equal 0.03 CTW and are set in 14K yellow gold with black enamel.

7. Gold Rings

Gold rings are classic and versatile jewelry pieces. They are suitable for various styles and occasions.

Lumije's Little Havana Ring beautifully shows the appeal of gold. It comes with a modern Cuban chain link design in 14K yellow gold.

8. Diamond Eternity Bands

Diamond eternity bands are continuous bands of diamonds. They symbolize never-ending love.

The Signature 14K White Gold 4.00 Carat Eternity Band from Lumije is a perfect embodiment of this concept. It has a 4.00 total carats of diamonds set in 14K white gold.

Maintaining the brilliance of your rings is as important as their initial selection. Regular cleaning is important not only for maintaining appeal but also to preserve the material and intricate ring designs. Over time, dirt, oils, and other materials can build up and dull the sparkle of gemstones.

So here are some tips for cleaning your rings.

  • Regular home cleanings are important to prevent buildup on your rings. Give your rings a weekly home cleaning to ward off the everyday dirt.
  • For deeper cleaning and maintenance, it's advisable to visit a jeweler yearly. Alternatively, you can buy an ultrasonic cleaner for a detailed clean at home.
  • When cleaning rings at home, soak your ring in warm, soapy water for 20 to 40 minutes. Then, gently brush the stone with a soft toothbrush and rinse under warm water.
  • When it's time to clean or polish, avoid using rough materials like paper towels. Instead, choose a microfiber cloth or soft cotton fabric for a gentle touch.
  • Rinse the ring under warm, running water. Dry it with a soft, lint-free cloth, or let it air dry.
  • Avoid using harsh household cleaners like bleach, chlorine, and acetone. They can break down the metal of your ring.  Simple soap and water work best.

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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs about Lumije Rings

How to get the correct ring size?

Ring sizing is an important step before buying rings. Lumije makes this process simple with its convenient Ring Sizer.

Priced at $6, this tool is a small investment to make sure that your chosen ring fits perfectly. It's easily available online and can be shipped directly to you via USPS. Once received, you can accurately measure your finger size at home and eliminate the need for multiple adjustments. This precision is especially beneficial for Lumije's made-to-order pieces, where an accurate fit is essential from the start.

What unique ring designs does Lumijé provide?

Lumije provides many unique and eye-catching ring designs.

For example, the Looky Here Diamond Ring. It's priced at $1,260 and is an excellent example of Lumije's creative approach. This ring features a criss-cross design in solid 14K yellow gold and is adorned with 0.20 CTW in natural diamonds.

Another standout piece is the Enviable 1.43 CTW 5-Stone Mixed Fancy Yellow Band, available for $5,145. This ring presents a dazzling array of fancy intense yellow diamonds set in 18K yellow gold, making it a truly unique and luxurious choice. Both rings exemplify Lumije's commitment to distinctive and high-quality ring designs.

Does Lumije provide modern engagement rings?

Yes, Lumije provides a variety of engagement rings in modern style. All these rings utilize high-quality diamonds and white gold to create stunning pieces.

A popular choice among these is the Kimberly that is priced at $9,440 and is custom-made. It's a diamond ring that also contains many small beautiful diamonds. The 1.00-carat center stone is GIA-certified with exceptional qualities in color, clarity, and cut. All these diamonds are set in 14K white gold.

It's an ideal ring for a memorable proposal.

What is the best way to store rings?

If you want to prevent tarnishing and scratches on your rings, you need to store it in a proper place. Store each ring separately in a cool, dry place, shielded from direct sunlight.

Use a jewelry box with individual compartments or soft pouches for each ring. For Lumije rings, which often feature unique designs and precious materials, such careful storage is particularly important to maintain their top-class appearance.

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