Check out the necklace collection at Lumije, where each piece is more than an accessory. From delicate chains to diamond station necklaces, we offer a diverse range of necklaces to suit your style and taste. Our Necklaces are made with top-quality materials and are designed to add a finishing touch to any outfit.

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Everything about Lumije Necklaces

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Necklaces do more than just adorn your neck. They can play a vital role in how you feel and how you connect with the world around you.

You can use necklaces as:

  • An excellent Gift

Classic necklaces like diamond tennis chains are perfect for a graduation or anniversary. For a romantic gesture, you can consider our heart-shaped pendants. You can also surprise your loved one by gifting them a birthstone necklace on their special day.

  • Boost Self-Confidence

A carefully chosen necklace can be a source of strength and self-assurance. It can give you that extra push to be more confident in social or professional settings. The right piece can serve as a personal talisman of self-belief.

  • Emotional Connection

Wearing a diamond name necklace can create a deep emotional bond. Our Zodiac pendants can help you feel close to a loved one. It's like carrying a piece of your heart close to your skin.

  • Reminder of Personal Goals

A necklace can also serve as a constant reminder of your principles. It can be a locket with a picture or a pendant engraved with a meaningful quote.

  • Symbolism and Beliefs

Necklaces have often been used to represent religious or spiritual beliefs. Wearing any sacred symbol can help you feel more spiritually connected.

Our collection contains an wide variety of necklaces for different styles and preferences.

Here are the different types of necklaces we provide.

  • Pearl Necklaces

Made from natural and beautiful pearls, these necklaces add a touch of grace to any attire.

especially the Lumije Cultured White Pearl Necklace shows elegance with its lustrous freshwater pearls. It spans a versatile 42 inches and can suit any dress.

  • Diamond Bezel Necklace

Diamond bezel necklaces highlight the brilliance of diamond in a modern style.

The Rose-Cut Bezel Pendant is a testament to that. It features a brilliant solitaire diamond. Moreover, the 18-inch chain makes it a staple piece for any jewelry lover. 

  • Diamond Bar Necklaces

The diamond bar necklace has a straight line of diamonds typically set in a horizontal bar.

Lumije's Raising the Bar Necklace strikes a balance between subtle and statement style. It has a sleek diamond-encrusted bar on a gold chain.

  • Diamond Circle Necklace

Diamond circle necklaces are symbolic of eternity.

The Always Perfect Diamond Circle Pendant of Lumije is also a beautiful piece with perfection. It features 0.08 CTW diamonds with white and yellow gold.

  • Solitaire Diamond Necklace

The solitaire diamond necklace showcase a single, stunning diamond.

Lumije provides the Drop Diamond Solitaire "Y" Necklace. It is a refined piece that combines the classic beauty of a solitaire with a contemporary "Y" design.

  • Diamond Name Necklace

Name necklaces are a deeply personal choice.

The Diamond Initial Necklace of Lumije combines the luxurious gold with the personal touch of a diamond-studded alphabet.

Also, the Oh Mama! Pendant of Lumije is a perfect gift for your mother.

  • Floating Diamond Necklace

Floating diamond necklaces feature stones that seem to hover gracefully around the neck.

The Multi-Stone Diamond Pendant of Lumije is a floating necklace. It showcases a distinctive arrangement of diamonds set in 18K white gold.

  • Diamond Tennis Necklace

The diamond tennis necklace is a luxurious jewelry piece with a symmetrical design of diamonds.

Cloud-Nine Natural Diamond Tennis Necklace promises to offer the classic design and continuous shine that tennis necklaces are known for.

  • Gold Necklace

Gold necklaces are also a classic option. They are versatile enough to be worn on their own or layered.

The 14K Yellow Gold Adjustable Figaro Necklace is an adaptable piece that adds a golden touch to any look.

  • Sterling Silver Necklace

Sterling silver necklaces provide a blend of durability and luster of silver.

The 18" Sterling Silver Wheat Chain combines this durability with a substantial feel. So it's a perfect piece for daily wear.

It’s not merely a matter of personal choice. A well-chosen necklace can bring balance to an outfit and express your unique style. So, how the necklace interacts with both your clothing and lifestyle is crucial.

You can choose the right necklace depending on:

  • Occasion:

Are you buying a necklace for a formal or casual setting? Or are you purchasing it for someone close to you? Simply answering these questions can narrow down the list.

Lumije offers necklaces to suit a variety of moods and events. Our solitaire diamond necklaces are perfect for casual occasions. At the same time, beautiful diamond chains can be used in formal settings. 

  • Material:

Our inventory includes a range of materials like silver, gold, diamonds, and more unique gemstones. Choose your necklace based on your aesthetic preference and how the material complements your skin tone. 

  • Length:

Length is the key to the desired visual effect and comfort level. We offer necklaces in various lengths. You can find many floating diamond necklaces as well as close diamond chains. Your chosen piece will sit exactly where you want it. 

A Bonus Tip for Choosing the Right Necklace!

The Lumije website comes with a user-friendly “Filter and Sort” feature to simplify your shopping experience. You can easily filter the available necklaces by material to align with your specific preferences. Once you’ve set your filters, you can sort the options according to various criteria like price and best-selling items. This feature helps you find a necklace that is truly in sync with your needs and preferences.

Layering different necklaces is a wonderful way to add depth to your look. It allows for a personalized display of your style. In short, it can make even a simple outfit stand out. 

Here are some tips if you want to layer different necklaces.

  • Vary Necklace Lengths

To create a dynamic look, make sure the lengths of your necklaces differ by at least two inches. 

For example, you can try our diamond circle necklace with a sterling silver chain. This will create an effect that draws the eye and adds visual interest.

  • Combine Different Chain Styles

Mixing chain styles such as box, rope, or link chains can bring a unique texture to your layered necklaces. Try diamond bar necklaces with some other styles. It offers variety and adds richness to the overall look.

  • Choose a Centerpiece Necklace

Selecting one necklace as the main focus can create a cohesive appearance. You can design your layers around this piece and allow it to take center stage in your arrangement.

  • Be Mindful of Your Outfit and Neckline

The outfit you wear can either highlight or obscure your layered necklaces. Choose necklines of your outfits to ensure that the layered necklaces don't get overshadowed.

  • Use a Layered Necklace Detangler

To avoid the annoyance of tangled chains, use a detangler clip or separator. This small tool can keep your necklaces distinct and tangle-free throughout the day.

  • Make Lariat Necklaces the Longest Layer

If you’re adding a lariat necklace like our solitaire “Y” Necklace, make it the longest layer. This elongates the visual line and adds an extra dimension to your necklace arrangement.

  • Have Fun and Get Creative

The best part about layering is the creative freedom it affords. Sometimes, the diamond bezel necklaces get the main spot, while other times, it’s something else. Feel free to experiment with different combinations until.

In this way, you can use the same necklaces for different unique looks.

Have fun and get creative with your layering!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answering the common queries about Lumije Necklaces

What are the best necklaces of Lumije?

Among Lumije’s esteemed collections, the emerald-Cut Diamond Pendant stands out for its excellent design. It's priced at $4,250 and features a solitary emerald-cut diamond. This pendant is crafted in 18K white gold with J/K color and VS clarity 1.01 CTW diamonds. It is a noticeable piece either when worn alone or layered with other necklaces. You are getting an heirloom for your family!

Next, the Diamond Initial Necklace of Lumije is also a special piece. It's made in 14K for $590. You can get it in all the english alphabets which are adorned with 0.17 carats of diamonds. Moreover, the 16" 14K gold chain ensures that it sits comfortably around the neck.

How do we determine the right length of a necklace?

The ideal necklace length depends on your style and the neckline of your outfit. Standard lengths range from 16 to 24 inches. A measuring tape can help you figure out the best length for you. Consider the necklace's purpose. Shorter diamond chains are often used for elegance. While a floating diamond necklace can create a more casual look.

What is the difference between a pendant and a necklace?

A necklace refers to the entire piece with a chain and any attached elements. While a pendant is specifically an ornament hanging from the chain. Therefore, a pendant can be part of a necklace, but not all necklaces have pendants.

Which metals are used in Lumije necklaces?

We offer necklaces crafted from a variety of high-quality materials. The metals include rose gold, white gold, yellow gold, and sterling silver. In addition to these, we also incorporate white pearls, diamonds, and other gemstones into the designs.

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