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Find your personality with our exclusive men's collection. From our Braided Leather Bracelets to Diamond Initials, our men’s collection is not just add-ons. They show who you are. Every wear brings a new feeling.

Handmade in the USA.  

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Why Choose Lumijé?

Years of Know-How

We've got 60 years in jewelry. We know quality. We pick the best for you.

True to Ethics

We care about where things come from. We use good practices. Wear Lumije and feel good.

Great Style and Quality

Each luxury keychain mixes a smart design with strong materials. Our men's wear is as special as you.

Your Guide For Selecting and Men Jewelery from Lumijé

A man's accessories, such as men's black wedding band, men's diamond bracelet, cool keychains, and men's titanium wedding bands, are an important component of his clothing and a means of self-expression. 

Considering how visual first impressions are so common, these things serve as a subtle form of expression. 

They serve as more than just accessories; they chronicle a man's life, his accomplishments, and his preferences. 

Several facets of a man's life can be symbolized by the selection of a luxury keychain, stainless steel men's bracelet, ring, or band. 

A piece that is both elegant and modern could be a reflection of your own style or your level of professional achievement. 

A men's black wedding band could symbolize an adventurous spirit or a more grounded nature. A man's story is shaped by his decisions, which reveal subtle facets of his personality and life experiences.

Braided Leather and Stainless Steel Bracelet: 

The intersection of strength and style! Make your own style with this charmful 6mm braided leather bracelet. The bracelet's stainless steel clasp ensures a snug fit, and it's available in either black or dark brown. Stand by your sense of style!

Fore! Sterling Silver Key Chain:

Make a statement with this golf-themed cool key chain made of sterling silver! That one golf fan in your life (or yourself) would love this! Enhance your fashion game with this one-of-a-kind piece!

Men's Black Titanium Grooved Ring:

This is a stylish and practical option thanks to the sleek black PVD titanium.

Men's Tungsten Domed Band: 

This ring is unique due to its zebra wood construction and dome shape.  Easy to wear.

Men's 18" Sterling Silver Wheat Chain

This item is made from 57.49 grams of sterling silver.  It's a fun and flirty accessory that will lend a touch of style and substance to any casual outfit thanks to its 6mm width, 18" length, and lobster clasp.

Yours Truly Large 14K Gold Initial

This initial in solid gold is playful, trendy, and alluring.

Braided Leather and Stainless Steel Bracelet:

Design: Thick, braided leather. Comes in brown or black. Looks tough and smart. 

Clasp: Strong steel clasp. Easy to wear. 

Style: Good for any outfit. Works for all events. 

FORE! Sterling Silver Key Chain:

Material: Made of silver. Strong and shiny. 

Design: Golf-themed. Great for fans. 

Function: Holds keys and looks good. 

Men's Black Titanium Grooved Ring:

Material: Light but strong titanium. 

Design: Sleek with grooves. Eye-catching. 

Use: Good for everyday or special days. 

Men's Tungsten Domed Band:

Material: Tough tungsten. Doesn't scratch. 

Design: Has a wood inlay. Looks natural and new. 

Comfort: Feels good to wear. 

Men's 18" Sterling Silver Wheat Chain:

Material: Heavy silver. Feels rich. 

Design: Wide wheat chain. Looks smart. 

Clasp: Strong lobster clasp. Stays on well. 

Yours Truly Large 14K Gold Initial:

Material: Shiny gold. 

Design: Big and fun. It makes you look yours. 

Stunning Medium-Sized Diamond Initial:

Material: Diamonds on gold. 

Design: Sparkly and eye-catching. 

Use: Good for everyday wear. Adds glam.

Care and Storage for Lumije Men's Wear 

Care Tips: 

Clean often with a soft cloth. Stay away from bad chemicals. Keep leather dry and treat it sometimes. 

Storage Tips: 

Keep men's diamond bracelets alone to avoid scratches. Use a cloth-lined box or pouch. For silver and gold, use anti-tarnish storage.

They're Not Just Accessories - They're Extensions of Character

Each piece in our men's wear collection is more than a mere accessory; it's a reflection of the wearer's personality and values. Crafted with care and precision, these items blend style with significance, transforming everyday wear into a statement of individuality. Wear them not just for their charm but for the stories and characters they silently convey.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Below is our list of questions and answers for your frequently asked questions.

What materials are in Lumije men’s accessories? 

We use silver, titanium, tungsten, and gold. We also have men's stainless steel braceletsand luxury keychains.

How to pick the right size for rings and bracelets?

Check our website for a sizing guide. Measure well for a good fit.

Are the diamonds and stones ethical? 

Yes. We get them responsibly. They are conflict-free and meet high standards.

Can I wear my Lumije jewelry every day? 

Yes, it's made for daily wear. But take it off for hard work or around bad chemicals. 

How to care for and store my Lumije accessories?

Keep them clean and dry. Store in a cloth-lined place. Check our care guide for more tips.

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